Craig Knight discusses the future of Hyzon with Bloomberg

It’s been a whirlwind of a week since Hyzon Motors officially commenced trading on the Nasdaq Global Select market under the ticker symbol “HYZN”.

To discuss next steps and the bright future of the hydrogen market, Hyzon Motors CEO, Craig Knight joined Bloomberg.

Highlights below.

The sky is the limit for hydrogen

The demand for hydrogen has grown more than threefold since 1975, and continues to rise with the number of countries that now have polices that directly support investment in hydrogen technologies.

And when it comes to heavy duty vehicles, Craig says that hydrogen is the only way you can get off fossil fuels.

“Frankly, hydrogen is the only way you can decarbonise those really heavy duty, high daily use case vehicles scenarios in these heavy vehicle fleets. There is no alternative when you want to get off fossil fuels, but to go Hydrogen,” Craig told Bloomberg.

Europe leading the way

As the EU moves away from its dependency on fossil fuel and works to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050, hydrogen is playing a key part in this mission.

Craig told Bloomberg that Hyzon is seeing a huge uptake in Europe, with the prediction that North America will soon follow.

“We’re seeing a wave of adoption in Europe and we believe that this rapid uptake will be followed in North America in the next couple of years,” Craig said. 

Major corporations on board to decarbonize transport

Transport emissions have grown faster than those of any other sector over the past 50 years. Demand for transport continues to grow, which is why we’re seeing a strong imperative to decarbonize.

Craig said that he’s seen a big shift in the support coming from major corporations around the world to decarbonize.

“Major corporations around the world are looking at their decarbonisation goals…Transport is around 30% of emissions globally so getting heavy diesel vehicles to hydrogen is a clear imperative for many organisations,” Craig told Bloomberg. 

Hydrogen and Diesel share similarities

Hydrogen and diesel heavy duty trucks share many similarities, however, Hyzon’s fuel cells have the added benefit of zero emissions.

Craig told Bloomberg about the many similarities between hydrogen and diesel.

“Hyzon Motor’s trucks are essentially designed to offer you a very similar user experience to a diesel truck, so you don’t really change your operation when you go from diesel to hydrogen. Similar range, similar payload, similar operating characteristics.”

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