Hyzon at the forefront of the global hydrogen vehicle revolution

Climate change is a global emergency affecting every country on every continent, forcing nations to come forward with strategies to decarbonise.

As many nations come forward with strategies to align with their international climate targets, hydrogen has once again risen up the agenda for many countries.

The European Commission’s Hydrogen Strategy: Transport

One of the most significant announcements was the European Commission’s “hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe”, released in July 2020.

The European Commission is now making it clear that the use of hydrogen in transport “should be utilised in cases where electrification is not feasible – such as local city buses, commercial fleets (e.g. taxis) or specific parts of the rail network.” This should occur in the first phase of the strategy. Overall, the EU Commission is putting emphasis on the use of hydrogen for long-haul and heavy-duty vehicles.

CEO, Craig Knight said that Hyzon is seeing a huge uptake in their vehicles globally.

 “The mandate for governments, companies and society to decarbonise is providing a steady tailwind for adoption and use of hydrogen to help eliminate emissions in hard-to-evade sectors like commercial transport”, Mr Knight said.

“The global hydrogen revolution for commercial vehicles is now and already underway, and Hyzon is at the vanguard”.

Hyzon’s Heavy Duty Trucks Leading The Energy Transition

Hyzon assembles fuel cell trucks in both USA and the Netherlands, serving global markets.

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks offer superior operation compared to diesel-powered trucks, with unparalleled torque and weight-carrying capabilities. When choosing zero emission trucks, operators should not be forced to compromise on payload or driving range, and only hydrogen can ensure that is the case.

When powered by green hydrogen, Hyzon trucks offer genuine zero carbon operations from end-to-end.

CEO, Craig Knight said that Hyzon’s trucks feature industry-leading fuel cells.

“Our fuel cell technology has been developing at the parent company level for over 17 years and has been deployed in over 500 commercial vehicles”, Mr Knight said.

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