Hyzon People: Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson is the Head of Hyzon’s Zero Carbon Alliance.

Claire began her hydrogen journey at Toyota, where she was first introduced to fuel-cell cars. Ever since that point, she became fascinated by the potential for hydrogen and started an industry association called Hydrogen Mobility Australia which campaigns for a hydrogen economy in Australia.

“I became intrigued by the potential for hydrogen as a zero-emission transport fuel, and subsequent to Toyota I started an industry association to advocate for a hydrogen economy for Australia”.

Throughout Claire’s time in the hydrogen industry, she’s seen immense growth and support for hydrogen.

“I’ve seen the transformation from simply raising awareness of hydrogen and its potential in the energy mix, to actually seeing real-life projects and emerging levels of support across industry and governments” .

Claire said that Hyzon is working hard to achieve a cleaner future for the world. One way Hyzon does this is through the establishment of the Zero-Carbon-Alliance, a dedicated project development and ecosystems establishment arm.

“Through this alliance, we work with partners across the hydrogen value chain to realise real mobility projects and deliver genuine solutions for our customers to make that transition from diesel to hydrogen fuel cell as easy as possible”.

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