Hyzon People: Dr Arthur Koschany

Meet Dr. Arthur Koschany – Chief Scientist at Hyzon Motors.

Dr Koschany has 20 years of hands-on fuel cell technology experience and is one the world’s most renowned fuel cell scientists specializing in compact and lightweight power systems.

He started his career in the industry as co-founder and fuel cell team leader for Magnet Motor GmbH, and later Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH where he was engaged in the development of fuel cell prototypes for cars and busses as early as 1995.

“In 1995 I already started developing fuel cells”, Dr Koschany said.

He then founded NovArs GmbH, specializing in lightweight and compact PEM fuel cell systems for portable and small fuel cell applications, which was later acquired by Manhattan Scientifics Inc.

His fuel cell powered electric bicycle was awarded Time Magazine’s “Invention of the Year in 2001”.

Soon thereafter, Dr Koschany began doing consulting work.

“I did consulting work for large companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola at that time”, Dr Koschany said.

When asked what gets him up each morning, Dr Koschany said that besides from the obvious fresh-brewed coffee, what gets him up is his curiosity and passion for learning new things.

“Every day I start work, i’m curious about learning about the results of the experiments from the past day or the past week”, Dr Koschany said.

“Science is interesting and this curiosity keeps me going each day”.

Dr Koschany acknowledges Hyzon’s focus on making the world a greener a place, but stresses that Hyzon can not do this alone.

“We need partners to make the world a greener place”, Dr Koschany said.

“We cannot do it by ourselves…we need infrastructure and fuelling stations”.

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