HYZON People: Jay De Veny

As HYZON’s Vice President, Jay De Veny has responsibility for planning, execution and continuous improvement for the Vehicle Technology Group.

Jay joined HYZON after more than 20 years in the automotive industry.

“ I started working initially in the automotive industry, for passenger cars – working on things like the Corvette, the Cadillac CTS, and a couple other platforms”.

Soon after, Jay became interested in the heavy truck industry and moved away from passenger cars.

“I did that [passenger car market] for a few years but I really fell in love with the heavy truck industry and I moved to a company called Meritor, which does a lot of the axles, brakes, drive train for commercial trucks”.

A self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Jay decided to bring his extensive knowledge to HYZON, where he now works as VP of Vehicle Technology.

“I’m a lifelong learner, so if I’m not learning or really challenging myself, I’m usually not the best version of myself”.

Jay is excited for HYZON’s future and is inspired by the work that they are doing.

“Between George and Craig, they’ve been doing fuel cells for a long time, 17 plus years, and they were right, and they were right really early”.
“And what I find really rewarding is seeing folks like George and Craig, and Rob Del Core, and many others that have been in the hydrogen industry for a long time and finally seeing a lot of that where it’s actually being commercialised and just the level of excitement for them because they’ve put so much of their blood, sweat and tears into this.”

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