Hyzon People: Max Holthausen

Meet Max Holthausen, the Managing Director for Hyzon Europe.

He is an entrepreneur and Managing Director of Holthausen Clean Technology, Holthausen Energy Points and Mission Zero Leasing, as well as serving as the technical designer of the drivetrain for Holthausen Clean Technology’s trucks.

At Holthausen Clean Technology, he worked with his team to create some of the first hydrogen-powered sweepers, vans and trucks in the European market and built the company’s brand as one of the most recognisable hydrogen conversion company’s in Europe.

“At Holthausen Clean Technology Group, we’ve been developing hydrogen-powered electric vehicles for the last six years…from vans, small passenger vehicles, boats, up to trucks”.

Max loves to work on new and innovative things and finds great satisfaction in building hydrogen-powered vehicles from the ground up.

“If you look at the business we are in, a lot of vehicles come in not running and then move out of the facility actually moving on their own power..that’s something I really love to see”.

Hyzon’s mission to achieve a cleaner future for the world is accelerated by the amount of gaining interest in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Max says that hydrogen-powered electric vehicles are becoming a normal way of life.

“We are rapidly accelerating with our hydrogen technology and heavy duty vehicles all around the globe”.

Max says that people need to change their mind sets and think about the future of our planet.

“It’s not only thinking about money, but also thinking about the future of your kids and the next generations to come”.

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