HYZON People: Rob Del Core, Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Del Core is HYZON’s Chief Strategy Officer, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in the hydrogen space.

“I’ve been in the fuel cell industry for 20 years now and I’ve gone through all aspects of hydrogen”.

Rob brings to HYZON extensive knowledge in the development of fuel cell power systems, fuel cell vehicles system integration, program management, and strategic business development in the global hydrogen fuel cell industry.

Rob said that after all these years, hydrogen is finally getting the attention it deserves.

“This is an exciting time, especially for someone like me who has been in the industry for 20 years, to see the billions of dollars of investment that’s being talked about globally”.

Aside from the environmental benefits, Rob says there are many more reasons for using hydrogen.

“By using hydrogen fuel, the benefit is you’re getting long range, fast fuelling time, which is very important for operations in terms of moving commercial goods, and then of course there’s the added benefit that hydrogen comes from a wide variety of sources”.
“It’s a win-win situation all the way”.

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