Accelerating the Energy Transition

Total Broad Energy Hyzon

“We are pleased to partner with Hyzon, one of the leading suppliers of hydrogen fuel-cell powered commercial vehicles, and look forward to working closely with them as they expand their operations around the world.”

President Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures Girish Nadkarni

100,000 hydrogen trucks on the road by 2030

An all-star line-up of vehicle manufacturers, technology and infrastructure providers have signed a coalition statement certifying their joint commitment to slashing greenhouse gas emissions in the European transport and logistics industry by 90 per cent within the next 30 years, through the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cell trucks. In a joint statement today, the […]

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Company Updates

Singapore spinoff HYZON Motors makes US fuel cell trucking play

In the early 2000s, General Motors envisioned hundreds of thousands of fuel cell-powered vehicles on the road by 2010. Its research and development facility in the village of Honeoye Falls, New York, would be the nerve center of the ambitious plan. It never happened. Instead, GM produced a few prototypes and 120 retrofitted Chevrolet Equinox […]

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In the news

HYZON Hydrogen ‘Superbus’ concept advances; ATG MOU signed

Deployment of the first Superbus aims to realise longer driving ranges, reduced manufacturing costs, improved safety features and emission-free driving, Hyzon states. ATG ultimately plans to decarbonise its 950-strong bus fleet across Australia and deploy the Superbus across ATG operated bus routes, it adds. Under the collaboration ATG will operate the Superbus, which encompasses innovative […]

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Vehicle Platforms

Hyzon medium truck
Hyzon light truck
Hyzon heavy bus

Heavy Duty Trucks

Zero emission heavy trucks with best in class performance

Up to 50 tonne trucks featuring HYZON’s industry-leading hydrogen fuel cells, with a driving range of 250mi-380mi (400km-600km) per fill.

*Based on full tank

Medium Duty Trucks

Zero emission, low cost of operation and fully customizable

Incorporating the strong fuel cell powertrain of HYZON, we adapt medium duty trucks for decarbonized operations of logistic trucks.

*Based on full tank

City and Coach Buses

Zero emission low-floor city buses and highway-ready coach buses

Zero emissions with fast refuelling, enabling operators to replace diesel bus fleets with zero emission equivalents, without any impact on operating routes and facilities. Clean, quiet and efficient and available now.

*Based on full tank

“HYZON Motors is committed to deploying not only zero emission vehicles, but also the most reliable vehicles operating in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.”

Chief Executive OfficerCraig Knight

“HYZON Motors is the culmination of 20 years of persistent effort to produce a meaningful impact on the energy transition. From day one, we’ve had this unwavering focus and I am honored to have been working with this dedicated core team since 2003.”

Executive ChairmanGeorge Gu

500 Horsepower Fuel Cell

World’s most powerful

Hyzon timeline 500 horsepower cell

4x the power into one module coming soon!

Core Technologies

Highest power density of any fuel cell in the world*

The ground-breaking 500hp fuel cells provide unparalleled performance for both short and long-haul heavy trucks, leveraging nearly 20 years of fuel cell technology development.

Zero carbon
End to end.

Decarbonizing the planet

Local resources, local fuel, local mobility, local jobs.

Zero Carbon Hyzon flowchart



Rochester New York Hyzon Motors


Hyzon Holthhausen clean technology


Hyzon Sydney australia


Hyzon Singapore

Local Focus

Local Fuel

Utilizing the most competitive local resources to produce green hydrogen

Local Mobility

Decarbonizing commercial mobility with zero emission heavy vehicles

Local Jobs

Enabling the core of a new green economy with local supply chains and localized manufacturing

Global Deployments

State of the Art PEMFC Technology

Multiple Vehicle Platforms

Zero-Carbon End to End

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Head Office:
Honeoye Falls, New York, USA usa